Program Overview

This video gives you a sneak peek at what happened during a previous SMU CSI Summer Camp and an idea of some of the activities we will have during the 2012 Camps.

This summer, SMU’s Caruth Institute for Engineering Education will host two sessions of the SMU CSI Summer Camp. Each of the two sessions will consist of activities that are presented in a five-day format that introduces students to the technology behind biometrics and crime scene investigation (CSI).

The program will combine hands-on activities related to biometrics and crime scene investigation as well as a collection of presentations from law enforcement officials and forensic scientists. Each day of camp is broken into multiple sessions related to a topic of the day. Students will hear a variety of speakers, do hands-on activities and play games related to the day’s topic. Topics include iris recognition, paper chromatography, fingerprints, face recognition, DNA and many more!

Each camp will include up to 60 students that will be broken into four CSI Units of 15 students each. Each CSI Unit will have a Camp Teacher/Mentor and Camp Counselor to help guide the teams through activities. The camps will be held Monday-Friday from 9:00am – 2:00pm on SMU’s campus in Caruth Hall. Snacks and lunch will be provided every day for the campers. This camp is free for all campers selected to attend!

Session 1: SMU CSI-Girls Summer Camp
will be held July 9-13, 2012

Session 2: SMU CSI-Boys Summer Camp
will be held July 16-20, 2012

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